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Practical Masterclasses

Pohewa are small industry-lead masterclasses. We run them in a state of the art facility right in the heart of Wellington's film making community, Miramar. Founded by Kristy Grant, Kat Lintott and Academy award winner Jamie Selkirk. The goal of Pohewa is to offer access to industry professionals, technology and thinking in order to foster a greater community of creative professionals.


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What I got out of Pohewa was practical experience and getting an appreciation of the production pipeline. That’s really important for my job as a producer, to understand the workflows and associated costs and how that can fit into my business
— Brett Tompkins - Senior Producer of Visitor Experiences at Gibson Group
The thing thats excited me most about Pohewa is the time I’ve had with the guest speakers, they all have that incredibly creative heart but its backed up by the fact that they’re all curious around where that cusp line is and chasing it feverishly to find out what is it that’s new that I can now incorporate into my creative spirit to better show and connect to people emotionally and actually do more good in the world.
— Celine Carlisle - Director / Writer / Producer
With this masterclass you get a whole diverse experience, you actually learn more about the theoretical and practical process while being quite engaged having the specialists teach us and go through every step.
— Yuen-Fiona Lai - Fourth year visual communication design and marketing student


Our Goal

Lets help creative industries boom

Our goal with Pohewa is to foster a more commercially savy creative industry. Whether it's through helping you up-skill, understanding how to monetise your craft or simply helping you make a shift in your career, we want to enable you to have the skills and knowledge to thrive in the creative industries. 


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About Us

POHEWA means fantasy in Maori

Founded by Kristy Grant, Kat Lintott and Academy award winner, Jamie Selkirk. With a shared passion for the enrichment and growth of creative industries, they put their heads together and tried to come up with a better way of foster growth and talent. The idea of a two day masterclass was born, and with Jamie's investment in the Miramar Creative Centre, it was the perfect opportunity to launch a more bespoke a specialist creative education offering, leveraging off the amazing work Victoria University is already doing.